Independent Living

Taking your first steps to remaining independent and active
in retirement living is all about personal choice.

What is Independent Living?

As the saying goes “If you’ve seen one independent living residence, you’ve seen one.” There is a wide array of choices and one that’s right for you and your family. Independent Living in a retirement home setting is an ideal option for seniors who are ready to make the change from maintaining a home, or are finding the tasks and requirements of everyday living like cooking, cleaning, and mobility less satisfying than before.

Independent Living provides you with all the conveniences of an apartment or condo, without any concerns. Homes typically offer:

  • Private apartments in studio, one- and two-bedroom configurations (or more if needed)
  • Kitchenette or kitchen for light food preparation
  • A dining room with one, two or three daily meals offered, plus all-day snacks and refreshments
  • Available housekeeping services, salon and laundry
  • Available home care and support services on-call or as needed
  • Social activities, transportation, and exercise programs
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Independent living retirement homes are usually paid privately (not subsidized), and don’t require referral from any government body; you shop for and select a home using your own list of priorities.
Understand Your Options

Residents might still drive their own car, so parking is usually available. Most residences will offer a private bus for local shopping and excursions as well.


Many will have additional services including:

  • Nurse or care staff, part-time or up to 24-hours, 7-days
  • A doorman or concierge
  • Fitness staff
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Recreational facilities

What’s included?

This is not downsizing. Amica residents have more to do right in their home than most of us ever have!
Our Amenities

Retirement Planning

Learn more about Amica’s Communities.

With so many options it’s essential to shop and visit a variety of communities.
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Change your view of Retirement Residences

Amica offers a range of retirement living options in a supportive environment that promotes healthy, active, comfortable retirement living.
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Understand Your Retirement Living Options

We know that Retirement Living communities are not all the same. One of our Community Managers can help you choose what Independent Living option is right for you.
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What Sets us Apart from the Rest


Our Red Seal Chefs make healthy and safe meals for all seasons.
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Wellness and Vitality

Amica inspires friendships, new experiences, healthy lifestyles and a sense of community.
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Amica’s Exceptional Services

You do the living, we do the work!
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What is Assisted Living?

Don’t lose your freedom and independence – Amica can offer you the additional support you need.
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Find a location

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