The essential guide to senior living in Alberta

Are you curious about the benefits of retirement living and long-term care homes, but unclear about the differences? And more importantly, which will suit your lifestyle best? From care and costs to activities and amenities, our new guide to senior living in Alberta will give you and your family confidence to make an educated senior living choice with the support and independence you need.  

Understanding retirement living options in Alberta 

Download this must-read senior living guide by filling in the form to learn about:

  • The real distinctions between home care, long-term care homes and private retirement residences in Alberta
  • The different levels of senior care available, from Independent Living to Assisted Living to Memory Care for those with dementia – and how to plan long term in case your needs change
  • Factoring in how important friendship, fun activities and peace of mind are when you’re weighing the benefits of retirement living versus home care
  • Other Canadians who chose senior living because they want to live life on their own terms, while enjoying delicious meals, pursuing their passions and peace of mind thanks to high-quality health care. 

Tools to help you assess different senior living residences

Choosing where you want to live is a big decision based on what’s important to you, your finances and your continuing care needs. To help, this primer on Alberta retirement living offers:

  • Advice from a financial expert — from clarifying what you’re actually paying to live at home to managing retirement living fees
  • Tips to compare senior living residences in Alberta, including a useful worksheet that lets you calculate monthly costs at different places
  • Insights about what to ask when you’re touring a retirement residence. For instance, do fees include Wi-Fi, suite cleaning and concierge and transportation services?
  • Health and safety considerations: many seniors are happy to pay for 24/7 support, on-site nurses and emergency monitoring.

Contrasting basic and premium senior living

If you’re a senior who appreciates architecture and enjoys excellent amenities, services and Chef-prepared meals, read our handbook on Alberta’s retirement living options today. You’ll discover tips on:

  • Appraising the services and accommodations at private senior living residences and publicly funded long-term care homes near you
  • Judging how much flexibility is offered at different retirement residences — some won’t let you bring a small pet or allow much choice in your daily meals, activities and outings, for example
  • Putting your happiness first, based on the advice of Canadian seniors who love the freedom, companionship and safety they enjoy at private-pay retirement residences.

The truth is that most people who choose senior living to live life to the fullest don’t even miss their old homes. Everyone benefits when families can return to spending time together instead of doubling as caregivers.

Being informed is the first step to aging with a sense of optimism.