Armando Rea

Amica at Villa Da Vinci

Foreign Service – Italian Army

Armando enlisted in the Italian Army in 1942 hoping to become a police officer. After training as a foot soldier in Caserma Macao in Rome, Armando was set to be deployed when Italy declaredamnestizia – they had surrendered.

“We were all assigned where to go – some to Yugoslavia and Russia, others to Greece. When we were going to leave, Italy surrendered and we became the Germans enemy. There were 2,000 soldiers in Caserma Macao. The Sergeant gave us arms to defend ourselves, as we were now surrounded by German soldiers with tankers.

“We were not able to fight our way out, we would all be dead. For two months we were prisoners of war. They only fed us one potato for every two soldiers. When the Americans arrived, we were set free.

“Afterwards I became a police officer and worked in Rome in the Vaticano.”