Betty Holby

Betty Holby

Amica at Beechwood Village

Foreign Service – Royal Air Force – Served 3 years

Joining the Royal A ir Force in England in 1942, Betty trained in the small village of Bukerthill. During the war she worked in an office responsible for stock control, universal ordering and ledger duty. She returned home in 1945 when she married her husband who was a member of the Navy.

Betty worked in a large hangar, sharing an office with 4 other ladies and was paid 14 shillings a week. She remembers trading cigarettes for chocolate with young Canadians who were on their way to the South of France. She also remembers the “Battle Dress” wear with detachable collars; sharing a room with 20 other girls; the 8 am parades upon rising (she enjoyed strutting!); and the lack of privacy for bathing or washing.