David Williams

David Williams

Amica at Swan Lake

Royal Canadian Air Force – #10 Bombing and Reconnaissance Squadron – Served 2 years

David wanted to fly in the Air Force but was denied because his eyesight was not good enough. He then decided to take a Wireless Mechanic course for 1 year. His duties were to look after the planes and make sure they were working properly. By the time David was released from the Air Force he was a leading Aircraftsman.

He completed basic training in Toronto at Manning Depot (now the Canadian Exhibition grounds) and was then sent to Montreal where he started his Wireless Mechanic course. The old hospital they were using for the course training was soon overtaken for the use of returning soldiers with casualties so David was sent somewhere else to continue the course.

He was no sooner diagnosed with Scarlet Fever and had to restart the course once he was well again. David graduated as a Wireless Mechanic in 1944.

As a member of the Number 10 Bombing and Reconnaissance Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), David was stationed in Gander, Newfoundland for 5 months and then sent to Torbay, Newfoundland for another 5 months.

David volunteered for the Pacific War but before he got the chance to be shipped out the atomic bombing happened in Japan, ending the war. In 1945, after 2 years of service, David returned home to New Brunswick.

He will never forget his time spent in Torbay, Newfoundland going into town for local dances in the evenings. It was in Torbay that he met his wife in 1944, at the age of 18. Even after David was released from the Army, they stayed in contact and married a couple years later.