Douglas Day

Douglas Day

Amica at Aspen Woods

Royal Canadian Air Force – #3 OTU (Officers Training Unit) – Served 5 years

Douglas joined the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 1951 and after completing his training at Camp Borden, he was stationed in St. Hubert, Quebec, North Bay, Ontario and Cold Lake, Alberta.

Trained as an Aero-Engine Technician, Douglas was sidetracked to a supply role, ordering trades tool kits for ground crews of F86 Sabre Jets Squadrons, dispatched to Baden Baden, Germany or Baden Solenger, France.

Stations also included #3 O.T.U. (Officers Training Unit) to train flight crews on C.F. 100 night interceptors. Later on, he trained as crewman on B-25 Mitchell Bombers and Beachcraft Expeditors.

Serving during the Korean War and the Cold War: Berlin Wall Russia Crisis, Douglas retired from the RCAF in 1956 before having the opportunity to go to Europe. After serving as a Corporal for 3 years, he qualified as a Sergeant.