Dr. Ian Spenser

Amica at Dundas

Foreign Service – British Army, 21st Army Group, Tank Corps Regiment

Ian joined the British Army in December of 1941, as part of the 21st Army Group, Tank Corps Regiment. He trained in Southern Lowestoft in England as a Trooper and Tank Driver.

He crossed over from Britain to Arromanches and from there drove a tank to Falaise then Dunkirk. His regiment was deployed to make sure the Germans didn’t get out. Ian stayed there until peace was brokered.

After the Army, Ian went back to the University of Birmingham and completed his Bachelor’s Degree, he then completed his PhD and DSC in London. He was an Assistant Professor at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical School.

Ian came to Canada and completed one year at the National Resource Council in Ottawa then went back to Britain to teach. He returned to Canada in 1957 to become a Professor of Chemistry at McMaster University. He retired from teaching in 1989 but continued to complete research until 2005.