Ernie Stuart

Ernie Stuart

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Royal Canadian Air Force – #419 Canadian Bomber Command – Served 4 years

Ernie was a Leading Air Force Craftsman with the 419 Canadian Bomber Command at the age of 23. He worked in the squadron orderly room as a clerk performing tasks such as documenting the air crews as they came in and writing personal letters to families of air crew casualties. A lot of his duties as a clerk consisted of list and record maintenance.

When Ernie first enlisted in the Air Force, he was trained as a security guard but had a Clerk background from previous schooling. After his training, Ernie was stationed in Alberta working as a security guard for only a couple months. He was then shipped out to England in 1942. Ernie was initially stationed in Bournemouth, England where he had to await further duties. Four months later he was attached to the 419 Squadron in Yorkshire, England working as a clerk 7 days a week. In 1944, Ernie was posted to 408 Squadron continuing clerical maintenance until May 8, 1945 – V-E Day.

After 4 years of service, Ernie returned home in December of 1945 and was discharged in February 1946.

Luckily for Ernie, during his time spent in the Air Force he was never really in immense danger. The only dangerous situation he recalls is a 14-day convoy he was a part of.

The most memorable time for Ernie was meeting his wife in Yorkshire, England. They were engaged on V-E Day and were planning their wedding when Ernie got news he would be sent home. Ernie was able to have his name taken off the list of returning soldiers so he could stay to get married. Ernie and his wife were married on June 23, 1945. Ernie’s wife believes the only real danger Ernie was ever in was from the girls.