Henry (Hank) Wong

Henry (Hank) Wong

Amica at London

Foreign Service – British Special Operations Executive Force 136

As the last living member of Operation Oblivion, Henry was part of the British Special Operations Executive Force 136. Formed in 1944, the SEO recruited Chinese-Canadians to slip behind enemy lines, blend in and sabotage Japanese interests. At the time Japan was on the offensive across Asia; they had seized Singapore, Hong Kong and other colonies.

Henry was sent to a secret camp on Okanagan Bay and was taught the craft of sabotage: explosives training, jungle survival skills and the silent kill. He and his fellow recruits were shipped out to New Guinea and Australia.

The British lost a turf war with the United States about who would lead the Asian campaign, and Operation Oblivion was cancelled.

But the bigger fight was won by this team – they proved they were willing to work for everything they wanted, the rights of Canadian privileges that every other Canadian enjoyed. After lobbying for three years, these veterans got the Canadian government to repeal the Exclusion Act and all eligible Chinese-Canadians were granted the right to vote.