J. Daphne and Leon Hogg

J. Daphne Hogg

Amica at Douglas House

Foreign Service – Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, #115 Squadron Bomber Command – Served 4 years

Daphne was a Corporal in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF), 115 Squadron Bomber Command. She was stationed at the RAF Station Witchford (Cambridgershire) from 1942 to 1946 in the Intelligence (Maps) section.

Daphne’s duties included preparation, distribution and recovery of maps used by aircrews on each mission as well as inventory maintenance. She also debriefed the returning aircrews.

June 2, 1944 was a day Daphne will never forget. “Preparations were in full swing for a daylight raid. Aircraft were being readied, crews were wandering around in flying helmets and Mae Wests, the usual air of expectancy prevailing.

“Suddenly the atmosphere was broken by the news that King George, the Queen and Princess Elizabeth, accompanied by the Chief of Bomber Command, were approaching on a surprise inspection.

“Hurriedly, space was arranged around the flagstaff area and airmen and WAAF gathered to welcome the visitors.

“The Commanding Officer appeared satisfied that, in the short time given, as much as possible had been done to give a good impression – except one thing. THERE WAS A CAT UP THE FLAGPOLE!

“His bellow could be heard across the airfield. “Who the H*** owns the cat?”

“For the rest of my days at 115 Squadron, my embarrassment of getting the cat down, with the help of a tall airman, was never forgotten. Though, I often wonder how much it might have amused the Royal party if we had left Fonty up the pole.”