Jessie Orton

Amica at London

Foreign Service – Women’s Auxiliary Air Force – Served 4 years

Serving in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF), Jessie trained in Manchester, England as a LACW Clerk/General Duties (GD) Shorthand Typist.

Jessie was stationed in Bridegeworth and at the Lossiemouth Bomber Command in Scotland and later in Abbey Woods, London. After serving 4 years, Jessie returned home in 1944.

While in Scotland, Jessie remembers counting bombers going out in the dark at night and counting their return every morning. Stationed in London, she recalls waiting for the Doodlebugs to fall, a visit from the late Queen Elizabeth to Abbey Woods and working at Barbara Hutton’s home in Regents Park.

Jessie won’t forget the camaraderie and friendly atmosphere she experienced and the highlights of payday where she and her colleagues enjoyed pub crawls and suppers