John Griesbach

Amica at Douglas House

Royal Canadian Air Force

John was in England to go to College when war was declared. He promptly went to London and enlisted in the Royal Air Force. He was sent to Gatesburg Radio School to be trained as a Wireless Operator, then to Cranwell Station for further training.

His missions included f lying in Avro-Anson, Bleinen, Lysander and Fairy Battle airplanes. He participated in a mission to Lille, France, then to the British Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The German Army was fast approaching so the British had to retreat to Dunkerque under constant attack. One of the bravest evacuations took place as British civilians brought over all the boats and ships they could muster to pick up survivors and sail them back to Dover. German bombs and bullets rained down on them. John was hit by a piece of shrapnel in his leg but was safely put ashore. Thankfully, the seas were calm and a welcome fog rolled in to thwart the German barrage.

He was posted to Iceland where Germans were being repelled by British Forces. From there he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to Halifax then to Mount Hope, Ontario to take part in the Commonwealth Air Training Plan using Avro-Anson airplanes. He was posted back to a base in York, England where he served to the end of the war.