Julien Pelletier

Julien Pelletier

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Canadian Armed Forces – Airborne Medical Platoon – Served 35 years

As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Julien was a member of the Airborne Medical Platoon, responsible for training nurses and other medical personnel in isolation techniques. He completed basic training in Camp Valcartier, Quebec and went on to Camp Borden, Ontario for trade training and RCAMC School.

Julien served for 35 years. Returning from Germany in 1968, he went to Edmonton where he was a member of the Alberta 1 Canadian Airborne Regiment and was promoted to Warrant Officer. In 1971, he was posted to Ottawa and returned there again in 1985, as Hospital CWO. In 1975, Julien had the opportunity to train the medical personnel at the Montreal Olympics. That same year he received the Serving Brother of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem from the Governor General Jules Leger. He also received his 22 year bar on his Canadian Forces Decoration.

In 1978, he was posted to Ismailia, Egypt at the hospital for 6 months for which he earned the UNEFME United Nations Medal. In 1985 he was posted to the National Defense Headquarters (NDHQ) in Ottawa as Branch CWO traveling to many base hospitals to verify that medical requirements were met with proper medical personnel.

In 1986 Julien received his 32 year bar on his Canadian Forces Decoration. One year later, he met the Queen Mother when she came to Canada for the 125th Anniversary of the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment). Julien retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in November of 1988 and received the Canadian Special Service Medal in 1995, which was created to recognize service while stationed in Germany.