J. Daphne and Leon Hogg

Leon Hogg

Amica at Douglas House

Foreign Service – Royal Air Force, #115 and #355 Bomber Squadrons – Served 5 years

Leon was a Warrant Officer and Navigator in the Royal Air Force, serving in the 115 and 355 RAF Bomber Squadrons. He completed his training in England and Northern Ireland and was stationed at the RAF Station Witchford (Cambridgershire), as well as in Madras and New Delhi in India.

Leon served from 1942-1947, spending 1945-1946 in India.

“During World War II, I f lew over Europe as a member of an RAF crew that dropped hundreds of tonnes of explosives, destroying the hopes, homes and lives of thousands of men, women and children, whose only sin was that the lived on the wrong side of a line drawn in the sand by arrogant politicians.

“I do not want to be called a hero. I do not want to be remembered. I want to be forgiven.”