Oscar Gabriel Leger

Oscar Gabriel Leger

Amica at Bearbrook

Canadian Army – First Battalion Royal 22nd Regiment and Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineering – Served 26 years

Oscar tried to begin his military career at the age of 14, by using vinegar to change his date of birth on his birth certificate. The Army noticed, and he did not get in. So Oscar went to work delivering mail until he was old enough to enlist.

When he did join the Army, he completed training in Three Rivers, Winnipeg, and Esquimalt, British Columbia and was deployed to Egypt in 1957, Hemer, Germany in 1965 and Lahr, Germany in 1972. He was a member of the First Battalion Royal 22nd Regiment as well as a member of the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineering (RCEME).

Oscar spent 26 years with the Canadian Armed Forces, 16 years with the Department of National Defence Civilian (DND). While on a peacekeeping mission in Egypt, two members of his unit were killed by roadside bombs and another was badly wounded when the truck he was on was blown up. Oscar remembers arriving in Egypt in 1957 in full uniform and the temperature was 105 degrees, only going down to 90 at night.

Oscar received numerous medals including Canadian Forces decoration with bar, a Peacekeeping medal and a medal from NATO.