Paul McNichol

Paul McNichol

Amica at Dundas

Royal Canadian Air Force – #408 Squadron

As a Sergeant, Flight Engineer, in the 408 Squadron of the Air Force, Paul attended Technical Training School in St. Thomas, Ontario, trained on the Halifax Bomber in Aylmer, Ontario, and trained on the Lancaster Bomber in St. Athan, Wales.

Deployed to Linton-on-Ouse in the spring of 1945, Paul recalls flying in Germany in when his aircraft got in to icy conditions over the Irish Sea at 2:30 a.m. They were badly iced up and after 20 minutes the pilot said they were going to lose it and line up for bailing out. After they got lined up, the pilot then said they were out of the icing. Otherwise they would have died from exposure in the Irish Sea.

After the war, Paul returned home and attended the Nova Scotia Technical College (now Dalhousie University) graduating in Mechanical Engineering. He returned to the Air Force after graduation. His first base was in Comox, British Columbia, where he met his wife Billie. They moved 10 times in their first 10 years of marriage. When he resigned from the Air Force in 1967, Paul became the Director of Physical Plant at McMaster University.