Penelope Nettleford

Penelope Nettleford

Amica at The Balmoral Club

Foreign Service – Women’s Royal Naval Service

Born in London, Penelope joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) and was stationed at Southhampton.

As a Stoker, Penelope transported soldiers in small boats to the ships. Frequently she had to do repairs on the boat engines and still has the small engine repair instruction book.

During the Blitz, Penelope spent nights under the bandstand with the Southampton Fire Brigade.

Penelope’s brother, Michael, also served in World War II. Michael lost both his hands in Tunisia, in 1943, when a grenade he was throwing, blew up in his hands. He lived with prosthetics and referred to himself as the original Captain Hook. He was always very positive and never let it affect his life.