Peter Sinclair

Peter Sinclair

Amica at Quinte Gardens

Canadian Army – Served 37 years

Enlisting at 18, Peter served in the Army for 37 years. He began his career as a Private and retired as Chief Warrant Officer.

Peter completed basic training in Orillia at the 26 Canadian Infantry Training Centre and just finished advanced training in Borden and at the Canadian School of Signal at the Vimy Barracks in Kingston when the war ended.

Mr. Sinclair worked largely within communications with the Canadian Army. He worked with units from Halifax to Victoria. He served with Centre Lake Prisoner of War Camp, North West Territories and Yukon Radio System – Wrigley, Embera, Reliance 25th Brigade Signal Squadron Korea, 1st A irborne Signal Squadron Kingston, 1st Division Signal Regiment Camp Borden, 2nd Brigade Signal Squadron Germany, 2nd Brigade Signal Squadron Borden, Fort Churchill Signal Troop, Instructor Royal Canadian School of Signal Kingston, North Hag Signal Troop Rhiendahlen, 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Signal Squadron, Royal Canadian School of Signal Standards Kingston, 704 Communication Squadron, Communication Command Head Quarters Operations Centre in Ottawa, 708 Commission Squadron Trenton.