10 ways to celebrate Father’s Day from afar

Find a fresh way to show love for your dad or a father figure, even if you can’t be together.

Whether you’re apart due to distance or COVID-19 precautions, you can still make Father’s Day special this year with a unique present, online experience or homemade card that shows you care. (Father’s Day in Canada falls on Sunday, June 20 in 2021.) At Amica, residents will be celebrating with events such as socially distanced concerts, ice cream truck visits, outdoor barbeques and beer tastings. Get inspired to say Happy Father’s Day in a new way with these great gift ideas.

Children's hands holding a gift or present box with kraft paper and tied blue ribbon tag on Father's Day

1. Create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece

“One of our resident’s family members has asked for our support to create a big work of art for their loved one on Father’s Day, with portions drawn by each of the resident’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren,” says Shir Grunebaum, Life Enrichment Coordinator at Amica on the Avenue. Why not try the same? Shir and her team members will hang up the artwork, while helping other residents connect with family via video calls in the home theatre and at distanced outdoor picnics.

2. Boost his wine knowledge

If one of your favourite dads is an oenophile, order him a virtual wine tasting that includes wine delivery as well as an expert online tasting session that you can attend together. Contact a local winery or visit sites like and to organize this unique gift.

3. Make a group video he can watch again and again

Cards in the mail are always appreciated, but why not get extra creative this year? Sites like and let family and friends from all over the world share video messages or photos and audio messages; the service then combines them into a Father’s Day message he’ll treasure.

4. Deliver a fun DIY project

One of the best presents you can give a handy dad is a new project. Sites like and let you send DIY kits such as a homemade birdhouse, a hot sauce kit or even a personalized whiskey making kit. Why not send yourself one, too, and you can get on a video call to compare results?

5. Make grandpa feel special

Homemade cards and poems from kids and teens will never go out of style — and will be proudly displayed for months. (Get card ideas on Pinterest and elsewhere.) You can also organize a monthly phone or video call starting on Father’s Day with the grandkids on the line — sharing stories, playing a trivia game or simply sending your love. 

“It’s so heartwarming to reunite residents virtually for events like these, plus birthdays and anniversaries,” says Emilie Cook, Life Enrichment Coordinator at Amica Bayview Gardens. “We have been so fortunate to have iPads from our Best Buy partnership to help connect residents with their families for virtual calls and video messages.” (Find out more about the Best Buy partnership and get tips on helping seniors with video calls here.)

6. Surprise him with a message from his favourite sport or TV star

Knowing that your kids love you is special but getting a personalized video message from a beloved athlete, musician or actor is pretty amazing, too. At or you can order a short video from a personality who will address your dad by name and mention things about his life that you’ve shared – along with fun facts or tips based on the star’s career.  Prices range: a video from former Toronto Maple Leaf Darryl Sittler costs $127 while Canadian comedian and actor Colin Mochrie rings in at $83.

7. Give the gift of music

Making and sharing a playlist of your dad’s favourite music on YouTube or Spotify could be one of the best Father’s Day gifts ever. (You may have to set up a free Spotify account for him online first.) He’ll remember that you care every time he plays his top tunes.

8. Put his name out there

Personalized Father’s Day gifts are always a hit and are readily available at stores and companies with photo printing services. He might like hoisting a beer stein featuring photos of his kids and grandkids, or warming up with a personalized blanket.

9. Dig out the old photos and videos

Gift your father a trip down memory lane by sending him an album full of family photos. (Your handwritten notes on a few favourite snaps will make it particularly special.) Alternatively, you could digitize family photos and videos for a unique present he’ll enjoy for years to come.

10. Sign up for a learning experience together

You may be in different continents, provinces or public health regions, but you can still enjoy some virtual quality time in honour of Father’s Day. Consider a cooking session with James Beard Award-winning chef Wolfgang Puck or a tennis tutorial from Serena Williams, the world's #1 ranked women's tennis player, via for instance. You’ll also find plenty of free options in our recent article, Thousands of online classes for seniors

Want even more inspiration? Watch how Amica celebrates holidays and Father’s Day on social, plus get touching parenting advice from Amica resident dads.

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