3 easy-yet-elegant recipes with honey

Make and serve these recipes for salad, salmon and crème brûlée at a lunch, dinner party or holiday celebration.

A collage of our Alveole honey salad, salmon and creme brulee recipes.

Honey adds a healthy and naturally sweet touch to any recipe, but it’s extra special when the honey has been harvested from your own hives. To celebrate our partnership with Alvéole, an urban beekeeping company that’s installed honey-bee hives at seven Amica residences, Chef Gary McBlain, Amica’s National Director of Culinary Services, developed three simply delicious recipes with honey. Bookmark them and make them at your next special occasion, whether it’s Rosh Hashanah, Thanksgiving or a holiday brunch. 
“Our Red Seal chefs love creating amazing cuisine with local ingredients, so it’s wonderful to be able to flavour seasonal dishes with natural honey from our own Amica hives,” says McBlain.   

Honey-infused recipes to try

You’ll love these honey-sweetened appetizer, main and dessert recipes that work equally well for weeknight dinners, brunch with friends, a family event or a birthday celebration:

The benefits of honey

Antioxidant-rich honey offers more flavour and aroma than many other sweeteners, such as white sugar. (The honey from our Amica West Vancouver hive, for instance, is dark and sweet thanks to the bees foraging off wildflowers including lupin and goldenrod.) Long lauded for its healing properties, uncooked honey may have some anti-inflammatory effects. 

It’s beneficial to help save honey bees, too. At Amica, introducing honey-producing bee hives via Alvéole supports our goal to use locally sourced ingredients, as well as support pollinators and sustainability. Find out more about the project in Chef Gary McBlain’s video below, plus read about our West Vancouver hive in our recent article, Seniors are buzzing about urban beekeeping.

Easy and delicious recipes for every occasion

At Amica, our Red Seal chefs don’t just prepare a wide array of fresh daily meals  — we also create restaurant-worthy special-occasion dishes and desserts. They’re just another delicious perk of premium senior living at Amica. Download our Dietary Guide for three more dinner recipes, plus try our recipes for Mini Frosted Tea Cakes, London Fog Sugar Cookies, Salted Caramel Scones, a Peanut Chicken Powerbowl or a Strawberry Kiwi Hard Iced Tea. Plus, follow Amica on social media to be inspired by our seasonal and culinary events.

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