Choosing the right senior living location for you

Easy ways seniors can determine which retirement residence will be the right fit long term

Being close to family tops the list when most seniors are selecting a senior living residence. Staying in a neighbourhood you know and love is another one. So how do you narrow down the options if the city or town you’re considering has multiple seniors’ residences to choose from? Here’s what to look for in a location when you’re moving to senior living.

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Does the residence have long-term potential?

Some seniors’ residences offer only independent living. Think about whether or not you want to move again if you need assistance as you age, and the residence is not equipped to offer support. Families appreciate the spectrum of lifestyle options provided by Amica residences. Some offer three distinct neighbourhoods under one roof, including independent living, assisted living and memory care. Others offer flexible care if and when you need assistance. Knowing you have options—without being forced to move if your needs change—brings peace of mind.

What necessities are nearby?

Think about your routines now in terms of the places you frequent in a typical day, week, month or season. How close and readily accessible are those places you use on a regular basis—grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, churches, etc.? Does the residence you’re considering offer in-house hairstyling or mobile lab services for medical testing?

What entertainment is nearby?

Can you indulge your favourite pastimes and distractions in the area? Look for cinemas, shopping centres, restaurants, theatres, museums, art galleries or concert halls. If you like to walk for fitness, check out the surroundings to see if local routes are interesting and accessible. Outdoorsy types will want to be close to destinations like parks, boardwalks, golf clubs, trails and conservation areas. Give a residence bonus points if you enjoy outings, and the residence organizes trips to interesting destinations such as wine country, beaches, provincial parks or scenic features such as lakes, rivers or waterfalls.

Is the residence accessible to transportation?

Are you no longer driving? Ask if the residence offers regular bus trips for errands: Amica typically offers a residence bus to make life easier for seniors. If you’d appreciate regular visits from loved ones who live outside the immediate area, consider choosing a residence near highways, train stations or bus stops to make it easy on your guests. Frequent travelers will appreciate a location with access to an airport, ferry or train station. Since Amica makes it easy for seniors to travel without the hassle of owning a home, many residents divide their time between the residence and a cottage or chalet. Consider travel routes and times for commuting to a vacation property.

How closely is the residence connected to the surrounding community?

Geographically, it helps to be close to essential businesses and services. But life gets richer for all when a residence has ties to local associations, community groups and professionals. For example, the staff at Amica Stoney Creek have built relationships with local church representatives, who come to the residence to offer spiritual services for residents who are unable to get to church. You can read more about how those important ties benefit seniors in Goodbye house, hello community.

How interesting and varied is the residence's activity calendar?

The monthly recreational calendar of any senior living residence you’re considering gives you a window into what your life may be like from a social/leisure perspective. Ask to see it: What kinds of activities are offered? How often do programs run? Do the activities take place at convenient times of day? How varied are the events and programs? Do the offerings sound interesting and diverse, or are you facing a steady diet of bingo and little more? Look for activities that are engaging physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. Here’s how Amica makes it easy to stay social in summer and winter.

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