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"My best Mother's Day"

Seniors living at Amica share their favourite memories of celebrating Mother’s Day with family

What’s the best way to say “Happy Mother’s Day?”

Billboards, shop windows and advertisements make us believe it’s all about Mother’s Day gifts and cards. But we wanted expert opinions so we turned to our Granny Panel — mothers and grandmothers living in an Amica residence — to share their most memorable celebrations. Check out their memories to get inspiring Mother’s Day ideas.

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“Mother’s Day was a big event at church. When my children were small, we’d arrive early for Sunday school and the children would put on a special program for the mothers during the church service. After, we might go to the Waterloo train, which served a special lunch for Mother’s Day. It was very special.”
– Alice, mother of four plus one foster child.

“I used to cook my mom’s favourite supper for Mother’s Day: baked ham and scalloped potatoes. I loved when my children made homemade cards for me when they were young. Now they invite me over for a nice meal on Mother’s Day.”
– Wilma, mother of two

“My daughter sent me two dozen red roses this year!”
– Rosemarie, mother of three

“When I was young, our family would go to church: you wore a red rose if your mother was alive, and a white rose if she had passed away. We’d have a big dinner in the evening. After dinner, my mother would play the piano while our family sang songs together. Now my daughters have me over for a big dinner and they’re very generous with gifts.”
– Edna, mother of two

“I grew up in England where we had Mothering Sunday. The children would go out into the woods and pick primulas to give to their moms.”
– Dorothy, mother of two

“We used to go to church in the morning and then visit with the grandparents. We’d make homemade cards for our mom. My children were here last weekend: they took me out for breakfast and lunch and gave me some nice gifts.”
– Lois, mother of two

“We lived on a farm, and we were bombed out during the war, so I don’t remember doing much for Mother’s Day when I was a girl. When my kids were young, they wrote a card or brought something home from school that I’d display on the refrigerator. Once we drove to Niagara Falls and went to a restaurant afterward. That was nice. My son and daughter usually come up to visit, bring me flowers and take me out.”
– Marjorie, mother of two

“One year I got a Teflon cookie sheet. Teflon had just come out, so I thought that gift was amazing! When I was a little older, I got a stepladder — I guess because my husband needed one. Nowadays we don’t need more stuff. I think a dinner out, a big hug and a thank you are nice. Time together is far more important to me than gifts.”
– Dorothy, mother of two

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