Memory Care Guide

Are you concerned about your aging parent living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia? The warning signs of dementia may include memory loss affecting their day-to-day abilities, difficulty with language or performing familiar tasks, and impaired judgment or disorientation. At Amica, we provide unparalleled personalized support by professionals certified in dementia care to help seniors thrive while living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. This guide contains expert advice for caregivers to help support a parent.

The guide helps you discover when is the right time to considering moving to assisted living or getting help at home. You might be concerned about their safety due to wandering or forgetting to turn off the stove. Moving before dementia symptoms are advanced can help ease the transition for individuals with cognitive aging and avoid a crisis situation for families.

You’ll learn sensible steps to take after a dementia diagnosis, such as playing a supporting role and helping your parent continue to find joy in meaningful activities. Get tips for hosting dementia-friendly family gatherings and visiting seniors with Alzheimer’s.

Moving to memory care at Amica offers total support for seniors through personalized care and innovative programs that meet individual needs. Amica also offers family support to help adult children understand the progression of their parent’s illness, and accommodates couples with different needs under the same roof through flexible care personalized for each resident.

Find expert advice and practical support in our Memory Care Guide.