Amica Senior Lifestyles on social media

It’s always been easy to take an online glimpse into life for seniors living at Amica residences by exploring or following us on social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. That’s where we post daily updates about our personalized approach to retirement living for seniors in Canada’s best neighbourhoods. Only now you can visit one page instead of many social apps to learn more about the lifestyle at Amica’s premium retirement residences.

One click for all Amica social posts

With our new social media landing page for Amica Senior Lifestyles, you can see every photo posted by Amica as well as user-generated content shared by our residents, families, team members and guests. This new page makes it easy to see what’s happening at Amica without the need to visit Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube separately.

Retirement living unfiltered

Expect to see a variety of posts about the Amica lifestyle and culture from the point of view of thousands of residents, employees, families and visitors to our premium residences in British Columbia and Ontario. Look for stories about Amica residents, photos of our excellent cuisine, images taken at social events, entertainment and other recreational activities, as well as pictures of our award-winning team members in action.

Social feeds for each Amica residence

If you wish to see what’s happening at a residence near you or one you’re considering, please have a look at our social media feeds for Amica residences. There’s a different hashtag for every residence, such as #amicawhiterock in B.C. and #amicastoneycreek in Ontario.