Worksheet: Cost comparison between retirement residences

Imagine if you or your loved one could enjoy premium senior living with a friendly community of engaging peers, meals and snacks prepared by Red Seal chefs and activities and amenities like concerts, art workshops, fitness classes or a home theatre? A vibrant lifestyle and the best care attract seniors to Amica, and the monthly fee may not be far off from what you’re already spending today. Even without a mortgage, expenses add up when you factor in year-round household maintenance, food, membership fees and entertainment costs. Fill out the worksheet to see how your current monthly expenses stack up to a cost comparison between retirement residences, including Amica.

Separate bills versus a single fee

At Amica, residents enjoy exceptional service and premium amenities for one monthly fee. Use the worksheet to compare senior living costs to what you’re spending now. For example, how much does it cost for:

  • Property taxes and/or condo fees
  • Food and entertainment, including coffee, tea, snacks, dining out and club memberships
  • Utilities, including electricity, heat, water, garbage collection and more
  • Cable and Wi-Fi

The costs of home maintenance

When was the last time you calculated how much you’re spending monthly and annually for things like housekeeping, snow removal, landscaping, lawncare, insurance and repairs? Download our cost of living comparison worksheet by filling in the form to weigh your current expenses next to what you get for one monthly senior living fee.

What are you paying for services?

Some families experience sticker shock when they first hear the cost of a nice retirement residence. Residents who’ve made the move tell us it’s worth it to them to have care services, emergency monitoring, activities, fitness, dining, groceries, housekeeping and more amenities, conveniences and social opportunities than they’d had at home. At Amica, you’ll have peace of mind and a variety of ways to live life to the fullest in one monthly fee.

Download and complete our worksheet comparing senior living residence costs to gain clarity on the best value and lifestyle for you.