How to talk to parents about senior living

It can be stressful to see your parent challenged by everyday tasks they once handled with ease. They may be insisting they’re fine, yet you’re concerned about their safety and well-being. Meanwhile, you’re wondering if they may be more content in a premium retirement residence where they’d be living among peers and enjoying great activities, amenities and personalized care. Download our guide, How To Talk To Parents About Senior Living, when it’s time to broach the subject while honouring your parent’s right to control their life.

Put your loved one’s perspective first

Read this helpful retirement living discussion document to learn more about:

  • Listening and acknowledging fears with compassion. If your parent envisioned living at home forever, talking about senior living can be challenging for them to hear. They may be more open when retirement living is presented as a personal choice and an opportunity to embrace community, an enriched lifestyle and peace of mind.
  • Supporting a parent’s dignity. Position yourself as an advocate while allowing them to direct their affairs.
  • Working cooperatively with your siblings so that you’re on the same page to assist your parent and explore needs and finances.

Discuss the benefits of senior living

Empowering your parent to make their own decisions is a win-win. The guide to talking to parents about senior living will help you:

  • Open an honest dialogue about moving
  • Manage everyone’s expectations
  • Encourage your parent to examine their own concerns
  • Involve trusted allies
  • Make research and decision-making collaborative
  • Hold your ground if your parent’s safety is in jeopardy
  • Decide on a schedule to begin researching senior living options 

Opening conversations with an empathetic and optimistic approach will support your parent’s ability to make informed choices. Download our guide on how to talk to parents about senior living by filling in the form today to start the conversation.