Checklist: Moving to a retirement residence

Moving to a new home can be incredibly stressful — unless you’ve got a well-organized plan. This is the ultimate moving to a retirement residence checklist to help you and your family prepare for a smooth transition to senior living.

Tips to make your move easier

There’s no question that moving can be one of life’s busiest and most stressful times because there’s so much to organize. From hiring a mover to packing and labelling boxes to changing your address, there are many details to consider before moving to senior living. The good news is we’ve got decades of experience supporting seniors and families through the moving process, and we’ve put our best moving tips in this list to help the job go smoothly.

Download this handy seniors’ moving guide by filling in the form for step-by-step advice on what to do when, including:

  • Two months before moving: Learn key tasks to do well in advance, such as booking a reputable moving company and appraising your valuables
  • One month before moving: Aside from packing, now’s the time to donate unwanted items and update your insurance, among other steps
  • Two weeks before moving: Remember to contact these key people and organizations to notify them about your new address
  • One week before moving: Find out what to pack in your overnight bag and what to do with your most critical documents
  • Day before the move: Discover six things to do in the 24 hours before moving day, like getting cash to pay or tip the mover
  • Moving day: Learn the five things you and your family will want to double-check on the big day
  • The day after: Time to relax and settle into your new senior living suite, once you’ve done three final steps outlined in this helpful moving guide for seniors

Download the moving checklist today to start breaking tasks into manageable steps, so you and your family can get to the best part of moving: enjoying the many benefits of premium retirement living.