What to ask on a retirement residence tour

Congratulations on making the decision to research senior living and visit a retirement residence to discover if the lifestyle, social and health benefits match your priorities in life. Whether you’re looking for outstanding care, exceptional dining or excellent activities and amenities, the secret to finding the right place is knowing the right questions to ask. Our checklist outlining what to ask on a retirement residence tour will help you find a safe senior living residence that brings you more freedom, choice and peace of mind.

6 key topics to inquire about on a senior living residence tour

Touring as many residences as possible — either in person or virtually — will help you and your family make a confident retirement living choice. Print out this list of retirement residence tour questions and bring it with you so you remember to ask about:

  1. The lifestyle: Discover top questions to ask to ensure you’ll stay in charge of your decisions, schedule and routines
  2. The suites: Learn what’s included in fees, whether small pets are allowed, which housekeeping services are available and more
  3. The food: Assess how much flexibility you’ll have when it comes to daily meals, including dining options, menus, entertaining friends and family and more. Your checklist helps you determine if meals are cooked in-house fresh daily, with a wide variety of choices and special-diet options, plus how and where they’re served
  4. The care services: Learn the best questions to ask to confirm that your care, medical and emergency monitoring requirements will be covered, even if your needs change over time
  5. The safety record: Find out about health and safety policies and infection prevention measures at the residence
  6. The amenities and activities: Can you set your own schedule, opt in to interesting activities, entertain friends and pursue passions such as fitness, art-making, local shopping at your convenience? 

Download our list of senior living residence tour questions by filling in the form today so you can learn more about what matters most to you and your family.