Webinars for seniors

Amica is pleased to support seniors, families and caregivers with our series of webinars for seniors. When COVID-19 impacted our ability to host in-person events and informational sessions, we launched this series of live virtual seminars and invited our online community to join guest speakers sharing their expertise across a wide range of themes. You can access our growing library of webinars here: scroll down to select and watch at your leisure.

Introducing Amica webinars for seniors

Our series of live virtual talks and online learning workshops is designed to empower seniors and their families with answers, tips and information across a variety of topics, including senior health and wellness, better sleep, managing stress, self-care, better aging, caregiving, living with Alzheimer’s, downsizing and more. These online webinars for seniors are presented by nationally recognized experts, generously sharing their experiences and expertise. Follow Amica Senior Lifestyles on Facebook to learn more about upcoming live webinar topics and presenters.

Featured webinars and experts

  • When seniors told us that had trouble sleeping during COVID-19, we requested tips for solving sleep problems from Dr. Julie Carrier, a University of Montreal psychology professor and Director of the Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Network. This online video also includes a short presentation on mindfulness and meditation for seniors to help with better sleep.
  • Discover advice on preventing isolation and loneliness in our virtual seminar about how the brain changes during stressful times, presented by Dr. Heather Palmer, the renowned expert behind our Memory Care programs (please see below).
  • Improve your brain and memory with solutions from brain health expert Dr. Heather Palmer, including tips for seniors to improve how you think, feel and function (please see below).