Moving Checklist

How to make your move to senior living run as smoothly as possible.

It’s exciting to make a fresh start in a new home, and moving to senior living is no exception. We also know it can be overwhelming to think about planning for a move, whether you’re moving to a seniors’ residence or you’re assisting a senior with moving. We’ve listed some key steps to moving in this checklist you can print and use to keep you on track.

This timeline helps you manage the move by plotting the key steps into a timeline or workback schedule. Instead of a mental to-do list keeping you up at night, you can use these tips as a project plan. Decide which tasks you’ll take care of, which you’ll delegate and work your way down the list.

For example, what do you need to do two months before moving? Those steps include deciding whether you’ll hire a mover or rent a van for family to use; and using the floor plan of your new suite to decide what to take with you. One month before moving, you can start packing and filling out change-of-address forms to mail to family and friends. Two weeks before moving is a good time to transfer your prescriptions to a new pharmacy and make sure you have adequate medications on hand.

Learn more about how to manage your move to senior living with our Moving Checklist.