Your guide to senior living care options in British Columbia

Finding the right senior care can be life-changing, and the first step is understanding the choices available to you. There’s a good reason to start researching early: you can get on a no-obligation waitlist to reserve a place of your choosing — even if you never need it — instead of settling for what’s available. Fortunately, there are numerous assisted living alternatives, and you’ll learn about all of them in our guide to senior living care options in British Columbia.

Nursing homes, private retirement homes and senior care

In this thorough guide, you’ll learn:

  • Eight signs you or your loved one may benefit from Assisted Living support, such as help with eating well or taking medications
  • Important differences between publicly funded nursing homes and private-pay retirement residences in British Columbia
  • Insights on regulation. For example, unfunded private retirement residences in B.C. must meet the same regulations as publicly funded facilities
  • A variety of senior care options in B.C., from Independent Living to registered Assisted Living or residential care, as well as long-term care, Memory Care and end-of-life care
  • The reasons why Memory Care offers extra security for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, thanks to additional safety features, specially trained staff and engaging programs 

How to decide between home care and senior living

While staying at home may seem ideal, it’s important to fully consider your long-term care and lifestyle needs. Our handbook on British Columbia senior living care choices offers:

  • Factors to think about when assessing government-funded or private home care
  • Considerations about whether your care, lifestyle and safety requirements can be met by locally accessible in-home services
  • Key questions to ask. Is home care truly elevating your life or your parent’s? Would you or your loved one benefit from senior living with a sense of community, fresh and nutritious meals and activities that nurture your interests and passions? 

Evaluating amenities and care services

Touring nursing homes and private-pay retirement residences near you — either virtually or in-person — is always helpful. But first, download our BC senior living care options guide by filling in the form so that you know about:

  • Healthcare access: not all residences offer 24/7 nursing care or on-site emergency monitoring or appointments with visiting health professionals
  • Questions to ask about care and equipment. Do they have hydraulic lifts for those with mobility challenges, for example?
  • Inquiring about costs senior care. At Amica, you can request services — such as medication-management or bathing assistance — a la carte or as part of a bundle
  • Asking about respite care for you or your loved one to recover from surgery, provide a break for caregivers or to experience retirement living for a few weeks
  • Big-picture thinking: how do home care or nursing homes measure up to a senior living lifestyle residence with social activities, entertainment and personalized care?

With so many factors to consider, this useful guide helps you stay in charge of your senior-care journey and determine the choice that meets the needs of you and your family.