The essential guide to senior living in Ontario

Are you wondering about the benefits of retirement living, but not sure which options are available, what they mean and which one is right for you?  From costs and care to amenities and activities, our new guide to senior living in Ontario empowers you and your family to make an informed and confident choice about the type of senior living that offers the lifestyle and support you need.

Your retirement living questions answered

In this essential guide, you’ll discover:

  • The differences between private retirement residences and long-term care homes in Ontario
  • The variety of senior care options, from Independent Living to Assisted Living to Memory Care (as you’ll find out, not all residences provide a full spectrum of care under one roof)
  • The benefits of retirement living versus home care, including companionship, enriching activities and peace of mind for the whole family
  • The top reasons why seniors choose to move to a retirement home, such as connecting with new friends, fewer chores and access to 24/7 nursing care

Learn how to compare retirement residences

It’s normal for seniors and their families to feel uncertain about which senior living choice is best for their lifestyle, continuing care needs and finances. That’s why this primer on Ontario retirement living includes valuable information on:

  • How to research retirement residences in Ontario, including a helpful checklist that lets you compare residence and living costs
  • Tips from a financial expert to reveal what you’re really spending each month at home now, and how to finance a good senior living residence
  • Top senior living questions to ask at any retirement residence, ranging from suite sizes to safety protocols
  • Why you should ask about the levels of care available, so you don’t have to move if your health changes.

Understand the differences between basic and premium senior living

If you’re a discerning senior who wants to live in an elegant setting with outstanding dining, amenities, cultural activities and likeminded peers, download our retirement living guide by filling in the form today. You’ll uncover tips on:

  • Evaluating the accommodations and services at publicly funded long-term care homes and private senior living residences near you
  • Finding freedom and flexibility: not all retirement residences let you keep a pet or set your own schedule for dining, activities and excursions
  • Prioritizing your happiness, based on the advice of real Canadian seniors who have found independence, fun and well-being at private-pay retirement residences.

Download this Ontario retirement living guide now so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you. Many people who choose senior living like the lifestyle so much that they wish they’d moved in sooner. Family members also enjoy simply spending time with their loved ones, instead of doubling as caregivers.

When you find the senior living option that brings new opportunities and enriches your life, it’s game changing.