Guide to Healthy Eating for Seniors

Find everything you need to know about nutrition, healthy recipes and snacks for older adults in this Guide to Healthy Eating for Seniors. Boost your energy and fight disease with expert recommendations from Canada’s Food Guide, tips from dietitians and healthy cooking ideas from Amica chefs who know how to make nutritious meals taste delicious. Whether you’re looking for a dietary guide for yourself or a loved one, fill in the form to download the guide: you’ll learn how to eat for health with easy checklists, recipes and more.

What seniors need to know about Canada’s Food Guide

A lot changed in 2019 when Health Canada released new healthy eating guidelines. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • The most nutritious foods from each food group
  • Which healthy foods and snacks are best for older adults?
  • What foods should seniors avoid?
  • Anti-aging foods to include in a healthy diet 

Which nutrient-dense foods seniors need most

Check out this senior nutrition guide to discover:

  • Why older adults need more vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12 and calcium, to feel better and fight illness
  • How healthy eating can help you with healthy aging
  • Which nutrients are important as we age to boost immune function and lower the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and other ailments?
  • Which nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, meats and foods to eat more often
  • Why doctors may still recommend nutritional supplements

Healthy meal ideas for seniors

Your guide also includes three healthy recipes — perfect for weeknights or even entertaining — developed by chef Gary McBlain, Amica’s National Director of Culinary Services. These fast and easy recipes will help you:

  • Cook more often as part of a healthy diet
  • Limit processed foods
  • Eat more foods with vitamin B12, lean protein, vitamins and minerals

Tasty tricks for special diets

Yes, seniors can still eat well with a chronic illness. Download the guide to find:

  • Healthy foods to help manage heart disease, diabetes, high-blood pressure and more
  • Delicious and nutritious foods for people on gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian or texture-modified diets
  • Tips for eating healthy despite a low appetite

Healthy eating made simple

At Amica, seniors look forward to coming together for good conversation over great meals freshly prepared by in-house chefs. Review our guide to discover:

  • Signs it might be time to research senior living, such as regularly skipping meals, losing weight and struggling with groceries and chores
  • How to stay strong and healthy while aging thanks to Amica’s premium dining and professional care personalized to the needs of every resident.