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Special friendships found at Amica

Discover the heartwarming friendships formed at Amica's senior living communities.

When you think about what senior living would be like, what comes to mind? Perhaps questions about suite layouts, the care services available, and quality of meals? These are important questions, but many seniors often overlook the important benefits of the friendships they will make in their new home. 

At Amica, tight-knit connections are formed within our residences every day, thanks to our culture and purposeful life enrichment programming. With a constant flow of activities to engage in, plus the intentional design of common spaces to encourage social interaction, residents get to know each other in an organic way. Residents become close quickly, identifying what they have in common and how they complement each other’s personalities. These friendships are unique because residents can experience all aspects of this significant time of life together, side-by-side.

At Amica The Glebe in Ottawa, a standout friendship group has formed known as ‘The Fab Five.’ The five ladies met by participating in a series of activities organized by the residence, including a river cruise, a sleigh ride, and a book club. Through these experiences, the women developed a strong bond, and today, they eat their meals together, celebrate holidays, and enjoy watching fireworks while sipping wine on their suite terraces.

The Fab Five told us that their lives were completely changed by this group when they made the decision to move to Amica. One of the women, who was widowed years ago, mentioned how much she values the companionship, as it motivated her leave her suite and live life again.

This loving friendship is only growing, and continues to impact all five women for different reasons. Watch their story below:

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