Lyrics & Legacies: 2021 season

In our inaugural partnership year, five hand-picked residents created heart-warming songs about their lives, with professional songwriters and musicians.

In one moving CBC News segment, songwriter J.J. Gerber helped Amica resident Bridget Hamilton craft a song about fulfilling her dream to become a teacher, thanks to her mother’s encouragement. J.J. shares how the Lyrics & Legacies program, and the power of music, helps forge human connections and joy.

Plus, watch this powerful video below to find out how the program helped Amica resident Al Russell channel his positivity, humour and life experiences into a Gilbert & Sullivan-inspired song.

From the haunting instrumental piece inspired by Amica resident Angela Koth’s perilous boat ride from Jamaica to England during World War II to Amica resident Doug Roberton’s jaunty Ode to Canada that brings Stompin’ Tom Connors to mind, each song is truly one of a kind. Play last year’s songs below, and view the 2022 season here.

Live Your Life: This upbeat song stars Amica resident Bridget Hamilton paying tribute to her mother, who encouraged her to become a teacher. Songwriter and vocalist J.J. Gerber and musicians Christine Bougie and Adam Warner also feature.

Go Ahead & Sing: Amica resident Sid Gladstone sings of the joy of music, along with songwriter and vocalist Marion Adler and musicians Paul Shilton, Chelsea McBride and David Campion.

Dubonnet & Delight: This bright and whimsical tune follows the life of Amica resident Al Russell. It’s written and recorded by Erez Zobary and features musicians Adam Eisen, David Lipson and Kaelin Murphy.

A Voyage to Remember: Amica resident Angela Koth’s perilous boat ride from Jamaica to England during World War II inspired this instrumental piece, written by Phoenix Pagliacci. Musicians include Vania Lee, Malaika Khadijah, Marina Lopez, Tina Sol and Octavio Santos.

Ode to Canada: Amica resident Doug Roberton sings of his love of country —from coast to coast — in this cheery song written by Murray Foster.